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Prestwick Golf Club, Ayrshire

Prestwick Golf Club was founded in 1851 by a group of members who met at the Red Lion Inn, Prestwick.  The first Open championship was held at Prestwick in 1860, which was won by Willie Park of Musselburgh with a score of 174 over 36 holes.  The Amateur Championship has been held at Prestwick on ten occasions from 1888 to 1987.  A stone cairn to the west of the Clubhouse marks the first tee of the original 12-hole course, from which the first Open was played. The 1st hole measured 578 yards to what is now the 16th green, where in 1870 Tom Morris Jr holed out in three strokes using hickory shafts and a gutty golf ball.

Available Courses:

Prestwick Golf Course Links (par-71)

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