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Saunton Golf Club, North Devon

Saunton Golf Club was formed in May 1897. It was originally a 9 hole course but was extended to 12 holes by 1906 and to 18 holes in 1908. A Clubhouse was built in 1907 at a cost of £1,000 and can still be seen as a private house to the right of the East Course 16th fairway.  The 1st World War in 1914 brought an end to the steady growth of the Club; the course was reduced to 12 holes again, due to lack of labour but play was permitted 'without payment'. In re-opening in 1919, W Herbert Fowler, 'an architect of some considerable repute' was employed to re-design the Course and by the early 1920s Saunton was gaining a reputation as one of the finest links courses in the country. In 1923 an exhibition match was arranged between Harry Vardon (who had won the Open 6 times and the US Open) and J.H.Taylor (5 times Open Champion).  Then in 1929 another exhibition match was arranged to celebrate the opening of a new Clubhouse, which is still used to this day.


Available Courses:

East Course (par-71)
West Course (par-71)

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