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Sunningdale Golf Club, Berkshire

Sunningdale’s Old Course, which opened in 1901, was laid out by Willie Park Jr.  It is pure enchantment that characterizes Sunningdale Old. Virtually every hole is played in splendid and beautiful isolation, and in harmony with nature.  There is subtlety here, a measure of drama, and a wealth of that one indispensable ingredient, pleasurable excitement. No wonder it may be the most beloved inland course in the British Isles.  That being said, there are those who like the New Course, which opened in 1922, as much as The Old.  The New is perhaps a bit more rugged than the Old, a bit more masculine, if you will.  This is rich and handsome and challenging golf, Harry Colt in top form.


Available Courses:

Old Course (par-70)
New Course (par-70)

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