One of the most important factors in a successful golfing trip is figuring out your group’s transport requirements as you do have several options available:

Self-drive package 

This option tends to be for the smaller groups of 2 to 4 persons. We work with car rental partners in Ireland, Scotland and England and all vehicles are fitted with a GPS system to help you get around. On your arrival each group is met by a TTF representative who will help you collect your rental vehicle and as part of a self-drive package you are also given a ‘travel pack’ for your trip. The travel pack contains information  to help you get around as well as vouchers for the various services within your itinerary and you will also have the full back up facilities from our Irish and Scottish based offices and staff.

Mini Coach & Driver

The smaller mini coaches we have available are suitable for groups of 3 up to 8 persons but do allow you to sit back and relax with a driver/guide for the duration of your trip. Probably the most popular group size for us at Travelling the Fairways is 8 persons and being able to sit back and let the driver do all the work while you concentrate on your golf and having a good time is definitely the way to go. We have several deluxe purpose-built mini coaches and these coaches have card tables, video screens, coolers and ample luggage space to make the travelling more comfortable. We are also very fortunate to have several drivers who work with us each season and over the years have forged great relationships with our clients, so please don’t hesitate to ask for a particular driver if you wish

Large Coaches

We work with several Irish, Scottish and English golf transportation specialists and we have access to coaches of all sizes from 9 passenger seats all the way up to 40 seats. When you go above 8 passenger seats the rules and regulations on private coach hire changes as coach companies have to comply with EC regulations on Health & Safety. Therefore the drivers find their hours at work severely restricted and those 36 hole days especially if they are back to back become an issue. Travelling the Fairways work with several private coach companies in Ireland, Scotland and England who comply with all these regulations and we will advise you when you set up your itinerary if a second driver may be required at some stage during your trip. We are fortunate to work with coach companies that have in some cases 30 to 40 years in the trade and they have very experienced drivers.


Always an expensive option but it does allow you to get to golf courses that are off the beaten path or allow you to play two terrific courses on the same day in different parts of the country. Group sizes tend to be either 4 or 8 persons which always helps to spread the cost. Ireland and Scotland offer up some beautiful scenery and there is no better way than to enjoy the views in a helicopter be it over the many mountain passes or along the spectacular coastline both countries have to offer. Please note; all the helicopters we use will have Pods that are used for transportation of your clubs with you in the helicopter.

Private Jet Charters

Once you land into the UK or Ireland we can arrange a private jet charter to any part of the British Isles to help get you to where you wish to play. There are many smaller airfields dotted all around Ireland, Scotland and England that amazingly seem to work effortlessly linking up these great golf courses. Again much like using helicopters; this is a very flexible way to travel and of course cuts out the tedious connections you sometimes have to make at very busy airports. Ask for more information, you will be surprised just how affordable this service can be.