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First class golf tours down to a tee. Since 1989, Travelling the Fairways have designed bespoke golfing experiences for our clients, all around the world. Our clients have access to the most sought after courses within the British Isles and Ireland - from famous links courses to hidden gems - we are the best people to create your perfect golfing trip. Exclusive courses, luxury hotels and fine dining are just some of the reasons that our customers always come back and travel with us again.

RonEver since I can remember, sport has played an integral part in my life. If I wasn’t found kicking, throwing, or hitting a ball myself I could normally be found watching or attending some rugby match or golfing tournament. Over the years my passion to play rugby and golf just thrived and by my late twenties I somehow found myself drifting into the golf travel business, which at the time I desperately hoped would lead to a career that involved one of the sports I loved. Well, it turned out exactly as I hoped and over the years I developed my bespoke golf travel business called ‘Travelling the Fairways’, which has now been around for some 25 years.

As my passion for the game of golf grew I found myself not wanting to run a commercial golf travel company but to run a business on a more personalised level that would prove to be more beneficial for those travelling with me. Over the years I have developed some wonderful contacts that were required to grow the business as successfully as possible. And as the years passed I have enjoyed seeing clients travel from all corners of the world to play golf in Ireland, Scotland and England, which has not only given me huge satisfaction but some wonderful tales to tell as well.

Championship Golf Courses of the British IslesWe are fortunate enough to have many of the world’s top golf courses quite literally on our doorsteps, with the vast majority all within easy reach. Golf courses such as Royal Co Down, the Old Course St Andrew’s, Ballybunion, Royal Dornoch or Lahinch to name just a few are all available to be enjoyed and played with friends, family or maybe even with clients or colleagues. My aim is to help you achieve the best possible golf trip you could have to whichever corner of the British Isles you wish to visit and tee it up in.

My strengths lie in the knowledge of these magnificent golf courses, the services that surround them, and the hospitality of these very individual golfing destinations. 

I look forward to welcoming you, and here’s to the next 25 years..!  

Ron Smartt,
Travelling The Fairways Ltd.



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